IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to old Samsung Knox namespaces

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to old Samsung Knox namespaces

30 May 2018
By Knox Partner Program Admin

To fit Android’s namespace conventions, we are changing all of the namespaces in the legacy Knox SDKs to the namespace of the new Knox SDK.

That means you’ll have to update your app to use the new namespace. We’ll tell you how.


About the new API namespace

We are replacing the following old namespaces, which were used for Knox API methods, intents, and permissions, with our new namespace,


To use the new namespace, please replace any legacy SDKs (Standard, Premium, Customization, and ISV) with the new Knox SDK. The namespace change comes in July 2019, but we recommend switching to the Knox SDK as soon as you can. This is to give yourself plenty of time to test your app and work out any unforeseen bugs before we phase out the old namespace.

The Knox SDK consolidated several SDKs into one single SDK. It also reorganized API methods for better discoverability, and continues to introduce new features like DeX management, hardware key remapping, and more in the latest v3.1 release. It is now our flagship SDK within the Knox product line.

How do I use the new namespace?

It’s pretty simple. We have a migration guide already made, but we’ll cover the key steps here.

  1. Sign in to the SEAP (now Knox Partner Program) website.
  2. Download the Knox SDK
    If you are using Samsung Android phones with Knox v2.7 or earlier, you also need to download the supportlib.jar file to ensure the new namespace can be used with older phones.
  3. Generate a Samsung Knox License (SKL).
    If you already have an ELM (Enterprise License Management), KLM (Knox License Management), or ISV (Independent Software Vendor) license, you can continue to use it with the new Samsung Knox SDK. This step is needed only if you don’t have a license key yet. Check out how to activate your Knox license if you need a refresher on how to generate and activate a license key.
  4. Update your app.
    Once you switch to the Knox SDK, you need to change all of your Knox namespaces to, as shown below for imported packages:

    import Manager;

If you are using an IDE like Android Studio, you can easily change the namespace and make other necessary updates to your app. See our migration guide for the full details on how to update your app.

Once you’ve migrated to the new namespace, you’re ready to go. Thanks for using Samsung Knox!

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