IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deprecation of APIs in Knox 3.4.1

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deprecation of APIs in Knox 3.4.1

12 Dec 2019
By Daljot Singh

We have released the latest version of the Knox SDK (v3.4.1). This version comes with feature enhancements and the deprecation of low-use APIs; both of which are in alignment with our vision to provide you the best experience even more efficiently.


What is being deprecated?

Please look through our developer documentation to get a complete list of deprecated APIs.


When is this deprecation happening and what gets affected?

This will be in effect with the release of Knox 3.4.1 and Android 10 (Q) OS. Existing devices with Android 9 (P) OS will still be able to use the deprecated APIs but Samsung will not test, maintain, or bug-fix these APIs anymore.

Here are the API classes that will have deprecated APIs. Not all API methods in these classes will get deprecated.

  1. Knox workspaceKnoxContainerManagerContainerConfigurationPolicySEAMSPolicy
  2. Device securityPasswordPolicyBasePasswordPolicyLocationPolicy
  3. Device restrictionsRestrictionPolicyAdvancedRestrictionPolicy
  4. Device setupDeviceInventoryAPMPolicy
  5. NetworkingWifiPolicy
  6. App managementApplicationPolicy
  7. Email managementLDAPAccountPolicyExchangeAccountPolicyEmailAccountPolicy
  8. CustomizationSystemManagerSettingsManagerCustomDeviceManager
  9. Keystore and certificate managementEnterpriseCertEnrollPolicy
  10. Data protectionDLPManagerPolicy


What do you need to do?

Although the APIs will work with older OS versions, we strongly recommend switching to the equivalent APIs with Android Enterprise. You can go through the list of deprecated APIs and search for the alternatives at the Android developer docs.

NOTE—Some of the APIs will be deleted immediately as Android doesn't support the feature from 10 (Q) OS. These APIs are:


  • ApplicationPolicy.setDefaultApplication
  • ApplicationPolicy.getDefaultApplication
  • ApplicationPolicy.getAllDefaultApplications
  • ApplicationPolicy.removeDefaultApplication
  • BluetoothSecureModePolicy.enableSecureMode
  • BluetoothSecureModePolicy.disableSecureMode
  • BluetoothSecureModePolicy.getSecureModeConfiguration
  • BluetoothSecureModePolicy.isSecureModeEnabled
  • RCPPolicy.allowMoveAppsToContainer
  • RCPPolicy.isMoveAppsToContainerAllowed
  • KnoxContainerManager.createContainer
  • KnoxContainerManager.removeContainer
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.addPackageToExternalStorageSBABlackList
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.getPackagesFromExternalStorageSBABlackList
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.removePackageFromExternalStorageSBABlackList
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.clearPackagesFromExternalStorageSBABlackList
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.addNetworkSSID
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.removeNetworkSSID
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.getNetworkSSID
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.clearNetworkSSID
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.addHomeShortcutToPersonal
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.deleteHomeShortcutFromPersonal
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.isLayoutSwitchingAllowed
  • ContainerConfigurationPolicy.allowLayoutSwitching
  • LocationPolicy.setLocationProviderState
  • LocationPolicy.getLocationProviderState
  • LocationPolicy.getAllLocationProviders

These APIs will be deprecated and deleted at the same time in the Android 10 (Q) OS.


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