29 Dec 2020
By Knox Partner Program Team

This is an official notice of the end of service for all Samsung-issued Enterprise License Management (ELM) keys. It has come to Samsung’s attention that as these keys are non-binding to apps, some malicious apps have used these keys to violate our policies and put our users and stakeholders at risk. To prevent further misuse of ELM keys, Samsung has decided to terminate the use of ELM keys by January 29, 2021. We require you to use Samsung KPE keys moving forwards, which are new updated keys and enforce package binding for greater security.


Note: The end of service date has been extended to January 29, 2021 to allow our partners to complete their migration from ELM keys to the new and enhanced KPE license key.


The following table gives an overview of this ELM end of service (EOS).

EOS date 1/29/2021
Definition of ELM EOS 1. User cannot activate existing ELM key as of EOS date with a new device.
  2. No impact on the existing devices which are in service with existing ELM keys; ELM key itself will keep in active state for existing devices, and only new activations are not available.
Target customer Developers who use ELM only for their services or apps.
Exemptions ELM keys in use for service using paid KLM keys exempt from this EOS (i.e., ELM keys for UEM vendors, or the Iris key)


Overall timeline:

  • November 2018: Disable generation of new ELM keys.
  • January 2021: Existing keys no longer able to activate on new devices.
  • December 2021: ELM keys no longer work on devices (except for ELM keys exempted from this EOS).


What should you do?

The new and enhanced Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Standard key is readily available. We require that you switch to the KPE key as soon as possible to activate new devices.


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