IMPORTANT NOTICE: Reminder to transition from the old namespaces

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Reminder to transition from the old namespaces

31 Oct 2019
By Knox Partner Program Admin

This is a reminder that for your apps to continue to work on Android 10 (i.e. Android Q), you must stop using the legacy Knox Standard, Premium, Customization, ISV, UCM, and VPN SDKs and their namespaces.

In our May 2018 blog post and email, we announced that partners must migrate to the new namespace as Android 10 will no longer support our use of the old namespace. We also published a reminder on the SEAP blog in June 2019.

You can read the previous blog post on the Knox Partner Program blog.

Samsung will deploy the Android 10 OS FOTA binary to the market starting with Galaxy S10 devices in mid-November and expand the Android 10 OS binary deployment to other devices. If you have not yet migrated your apps to the new namespace, you must update them as soon as possible.

If you do not make these changes prior to Android 10, your app will no longer work, with the following consequences:

  1. App on device will continuously crash
  2. MDM Agent may not be able to manage the device anymore
  3. App may not launch

Because of the above consequences re-enrollment may be the only option after factory reset in some cases.

If you are already using the new Knox SDK v3.x (new JAR files “knoxsdk.jar”, refer to here),  no further changes are needed.


Next steps

You can read our migration guide which outlines the changes you need to make to your app. For technical support or any concerns about this transition, visit your Knox Partner Program dashboard to create a support ticket.