Knox Code Bytes: Troubleshooting Device Issues

Knox Code Bytes: Troubleshooting Device Issues

02 Oct 2019
By Daljot Singh

Why has this article been the most popular among our audiences? Perhaps, at the core of troubleshooting any device issue is the very fundamental step of looking at what happened when the failure occurred, then only can one move towards actually resolving the issue. It is thus of utmost importance to log the data and understand the patterns.

In this blog, we are going to talk about logging such data failure instances for troubleshooting. To do this, we are going to use the built-in SysDump(1) tool. So, let’s waste no time and go straight to work:


1. Open the phone keypad.

2. Enter *#9900# to launch the SysDump tool.

3. In case your device does not have dialing function (for example, device is Wi-Fi only), use the calculator app and enter (+30012012732+ (including the initial bracket) in the keypad. This switches the calculator to factory mode (also called DRParser mode).

4. If the Debug Level is Disabled/Low, tap to select Mid. This restarts the device.

4. Reproduce the issue that you want to troubleshoot.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to launch the SysDump tool.

6. Tap Run Dumpstate/Logcat.

7. Tap Copy to SD card. This copies a timestamped .log file to the folder /log, which you can access through My Files in your personal space.

8. Send the file to Knox Support, using one of these methods:

9. If you are a partner, select technical support and click "Submit/View support tickets"

10. Otherwise, select consumer support and use our general Samsung Support

11. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to change the Debug Level back to Disabled/LOW to optimize device performance.


Screenshot of steps to follow in SysDump

Stay Tuned:

Hope you enjoyed this article. We have more coming on 'how to control and troubleshoot devices remotely' and 'enriched verification for security'. Sounds interesting? Keep posted and carry on the thirst for knowledge.

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(1)Some carriers like Verizon have disabled the SysDump tool on their devices. For these devices, use the Android Debug Bridge(adb) instead.