What's new in Knox SDK 3.2.1?

What's new in Knox SDK 3.2.1?

17 Dec 2018
By Karen Castro

Introducing Knox SDK v3.2.1, the latest update to our SDK, providing you with many different APIs to build apps and mobile solutions that meet the needs of enterprises.

The Knox SDK consolidates several existing SDKs into one convenient package and JAR library. We encourage you to try the latest feature improvements to Knox SDK, visit the Knox SDK page for more information and to download the SDK!


New features in Knox v3.2.1

With the Knox SDK v3.2.1 release, come three major improvements to enhance security and device management: First, are new APIs developed to allow more device management functionality. Second, the Android Pie OS is leveraged to provide more capabilities on Samsung devices. Last are framework improvements to optimize performance behind the scenes to allow you to focus on development.


Certificate Provisioning

The Knox SDK supports IT admins in managing certificates and keystores with the CertificateProvisioning class. In this release, certificate installations using KEYSTORE_DEFAULT flag will no longer require the user to unlock the device.

See the API installCertificateToKeystore() for more information.


Password Management

Included with Knox SDK v3.2.1 are improvements for the password class. Such as:

  • New APIs to support two Android APIs: setTrustAgentConfiguration and getTrustAgentConfiguration
  • New APIs added as an alternative to resetPassword(): setResetPasswordToken, clearResetPasswordToken, isResetPasswordToken, resetPasswordWithToken.

For more information on Knox passwords, see the Knox SDK developer guide: Password.



We have changed the keyboard security framework to implement a major usability upgrade while maintaining security between the personal and work profiles.

Unlike Android Enterprise, Knox Platform for Enterprise gives users the ability to use separate IMEs for the device’s personal and work profiles. This protects sensitive workspace data by preventing leakage from the device’s personal profile.

To learn more about this update, go to the keyboard framework for KPE.



With this release, improvements to the audit logs for VPN clients help third party VPN clients meet NIAP security requirements.

These changes accompany some performance improvements with the new addition of the GenericVPNPolicy class that allows IT Admins to configure SSL/IPSEC VPN profiles on multiple devices.


UI Changes

Updates to the UI include replacing the mini launcher used to open Knox workspace with a tabbed UI view. We have also made changes to the Settings option to enable users to open Knox Workspace Settings right from the device’s Settings.

To read more details about feature updates for each version release of the Knox SDK, see What’s New in the Knox SDK Developer Guide.



Remote control

With the release of Knox 3.2.1, the remote control feature will be using a separate lib name format. Look up at the different formats for corresponding Android versions in Remote Support.


Try them now…

We encourage you to try the latest improvements to Knox SDK.

  • Go to Knox SDK to get more info and download the Knox SDK.
  • For details about API methods in the Knox SDKs, see the Knox SDK API References.
  • If you are new to our licenses, learn more about our license keys here.

We are already diving into the next SDK releases, and discussing the features that will help you deliver the most compelling enterprise apps and solutions. Join the dialog through our Developer Forum!