16 Dec 2019

What’s new in Knox SDK 3.4.1?

Samsung Knox 3.4.1 is out and it comes with feature improvements as well as consolidation of APIs. This release increases capabil...

14 Dec 2019

New Consolidated Documentation

Hello revered readers! You might already have seen our new documentation website. This new format improves your user experience and helps you find your answers optimally.

12 Dec 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deprecation of APIs in Knox 3.4.1

We have released the latest version of the Knox SDK (v3.4.1). This version comes with feature enhancements and the deprecation of lo...

4 Dec 2019

Webinar series: Knox Service Plugin

We are proud to announce a series of technical/business webinars for Knox Partner Program partners, starting from December 2019 (see below for more details):

In the first webinar we will introduce the...

20 Nov 2019

Important announcements made at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2019)

Samsung Developer Conference 2019 concluded a few weeks ago, attracting more than 5800 attendees. Whether you missed it or want to refresh your memories of the experience, here is a list of some of the i...

31 Oct 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Reminder to transition from the old namespaces

This is a reminder that for your apps to continue to work on Android 10 (i.e. Android Q), you must stop using the legacy Knox Standard, Premium, Customization, ISV, UCM, and VPN SDKs and their namespaces.


23 Oct 2019

Introducing the Knox Partner Program

Today we are happy to launch the Knox Partner Program, our newly revised program for businesses looking to partner and grow with Samsung and integrate Samsung B2B mobile...

8 Oct 2019

Knox Code Bytes: Knox Remote Control

Imagine this scenario: you are flying to an important conference and opening your device you find that the very file you need is inaccessible. You’re 35,000 feet above sea level and can’t rush to the IT desk for hel...

2 Oct 2019

Knox Code Bytes: Troubleshooting Device Issues

Why has this article been the most popular among our audiences? Perhaps,...

30 Sep 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Advanced Virtual Private Networks (VPN) - Part 2 of 2

In the previous article we discussed about the differentiating features of Knox VPN and in this blog we...