10 Jun 2019

What's new in Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3.1

Aligning with the new One UI updates to the Galaxy Watch, the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3.1 is now available for download. This version includes new API calls for generating dump files, controlling the Always-...

8 Jun 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Reminder to transition from the old namespaces

This is a reminder that for your apps to continue to work on Android Q, you must stop using the legacy Knox Standard, Premium, Customization, ISV, UCM, and VPN SDKs and their namespaces. If you do not make t...

8 Jun 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Common Criteria Mode

Knox supports advanced device configurations tailored to the defense industry. A single Knox setting can apply many of the configurations needed to put the device into a compliant state.

Thus, KPE extends AE’...

28 May 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Changes to dangerous permissions in Android Q

With Android Q comes a critical change to how dangerous permissions are handled in Knox framework. Dangerous permissions...
22 Apr 2019

Knox Licensing Enhancements

What may have been missed amongst the announcements about the Samsung Knox 3.3 release were a couple of updates to our licensing model. With Knox 3.3, we introduced two new license types for our Knox Platform for En...

28 Mar 2019

Samsung devices and File-based Encryption (FBE)

The new Samsung smartphones–scheduled to reach consumers in early 2019–add support for File-based Encryption (FBE), which is a feature of the Android OS. This blog post provides a high-level overview of FBE as well...

17 Mar 2019

What's new in Knox SDK 3.3?

Introducing Samsung Knox SDK v3.3, now with additional APIs and mobile security framework features to assist in total Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) – this benefits both mobile app developers, enterprise IT admin...

27 Feb 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Knox DualDAR encryption

The new Samsung smartphones—scheduled to reach consumers in early 2019—add support for File-based Encryption (FBE), which is a feature of the Android OS. Along with adding support for FBE, the Knox framework also ad...

17 Dec 2018

What's new in Knox SDK 3.2.1?

Introducing Knox SDK v3.2.1, the latest update to our SDK, providing you with many different APIs to build apps and mobile solutions that meet the needs of enterprises.

The Knox SDK consolidates several exist...

30 May 2018

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to old Samsung Knox namespaces

To fit Android’s namespace conventions, we are changing all of the namespaces in the legacy Knox SDKs to the namespace of the new Knox SDK.

That means you’ll have to update your app to use the new namespace....