In Kiosk mode, how do I block the Menu button on a Galaxy S5?


Which API should I call?

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On earlier devices like the Galaxy S4 and S3, the left capacitive button was a Menu button.

On the Galaxy S5, the left button is a Recent Apps button. You can still access the Menu by long-pressing the left button.

To block the Menu function on an S5, you need to block the Recent Apps button (ID 187), which disables both the Menu as well as the Recent Apps function.

To do this, call the API method:

KioskMode.allowHardwareKeys (List hwKeyId, boolean allow)

Pass the ID 187 for the list of hardware keys and set the allow parameter to false to block it.

You can't block just the Menu button (ID 82), even if its ID is returned in an API method call to:




now that I'm in kiosk mode, I was able to add my shortcuts on my home screen. I would like to know how I can go out of the kiosk mode without develloper another appication because once I'm in the kiosk I have the impression that my application loses the hand so I can not call the method that disables the kiosk mode. please can someone help me ??