(Knox Configure) Device specific app configuration values.


We are currently developing a Kiosk app which will be deployed to bulk enrolled devices in Samsung Knox Configure.

During enrollment (or post-enrollment) of the device we would need to put some device specific application configuration values on the device.

I.e, where Device A would have a different value for application configuration setting X than what Device B has. Also note that these are not policy configuration settings, instead its configuration settings for the application running on the device.

Is there any way of doing this using Samsung Knox Configure (or any other Samsung Knox related services / modules)?

Alternatively what would be the best approach to (manually) put a device specific app configuration file on the device after it has been enrolled?

This configuration file would need to be both readable/writable by the app and would also need to remain intact even after policy, app- or system updates.

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Hello Zoran,

This forum is solely for Knox SDK API support. For inquiries on Knox Configure, please sign in and submit a support ticket here: https://www2.samsungknox.com/en/user/support

I hope for your understanding.

Thank you,

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