License Activation without activating admin mode


Hello Team,

We are developing enterprise remote control application for android devices like TeamViewer, AnyDesk. Our requirement is to control android devices(injecting click and key events). I have created an account and obtained development key and commercial standard key. 

Here the issue is, license activation is failling without activating admin mode. But, TeamViewer and AnyDesk applications are validating license without Activating admin mode.

Kindly help me, how to inject events without Activating Admin mode.

Thanks in Advance..!!

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Hello Nagesh,

Please see this activateLicense API method.


public void activateLicense (String knoxLicenseKey)

  • NOTE: Administrator must be active before calling this API.


public void activateLicense (String knoxLicenseKey, String pkgName)

  • NOTE: Active/non-active administrator can call this API.


I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


Hello Victor,

Thank you so much for the answer. Now I am able activate the license without admin mode. 


Best Regards,

Nagesh Reddy