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We want to ask you what all sdk packages we will need and how we can achieve to create solution like this:

We want to use Samsung Knox Customization for customization the tablet like: not allowing the turning off the wifi, hiding some applications, setting the background of tablet, setting screen saver and so on. So we want to configure the tablet for users, who are the customers of bank, so they don’t have to have ability to change some things on tablet.


  • Then we need to have multiple user access to tablet: so one for customer of bank, another one for bank employee. Each account have different applications – for example customer will have installed some bank applications, bank employee will have for example some cloud applications or games or etc. Each account will have another account restrictions – employee can turn off the wifi and so on. We want to have ability, that when employee will want to change the account, he will be able to do that from customer mode by entering password and then he can use the tablet as employee (employee can see another applications and have another restrictions). Than he wants to switch back to the customer mode, so he will be able to do that. We need to have one Admin account too, which will be able to do everything.
    • So my question is, how we can achieve this thing and what sdk will we need for that. Please if you have more than one idea how to do that, write it.
  • Next question is if we use Samsung Knox Standard SDK and Samsung Knox customization and we will want update the installed profile on tablet – for example disabling the Bluetooth (with Samsung Customization), or changing the background, than if is need to repay the license for Samsung Standard SDK, because as we know there is pay for every change.

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Your solution can be implemented with the kiosk mode API:

Within kiosk mode, you can:

  • Disable wi-fi changes by disabling settings changes
  • Choose which apps are accessible (whether its bank apps for customers or cloud apps for employees)
  • Set a different background depending on the user

Hope it helps.



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