setSealedHomeActivity for gvrf vr-only application



so what we need to achive is the following:

- only our app should run on the device, even when the device gets restarted

- the app is an vr-only application written with gvrf

- it should not be possible to "close" the app

- the app should automatically start if the device gets connectet to the oculus Gear VR

What we tried is to set the sealed home activity to our package:

kcm.setSealedState(true, mPassCode);

But this seems to break the whole system. 

1. If i restart the device it will start the app, but not able to watch it in the gear. It seems the oculus store is not underlaying then

2. When i try to connect the device to my mac the mac crashes (could be because of SmartSwitch)

3. The only thing i can do then is to disable the pro kiosk mode and try to deinstall the app (sometimes it will not allow me to remove the admin privileges)

So my question is, is there a "right" way to do it with a vr-only app?

Can someone give some tipps or advice me to the correct direction?