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Knox SDK

The Knox SDK extends the capabilities in Android Enterprise to leverage features exclusive to Samsung devices. You can tailor your solution to your specific needs using the Knox customization features.

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What it does

The Knox SDK provides hundreds of APIs to empower you to develop full-featured applications for Samsung devices. Differentiate your apps from your competitors in the following key areas.


We build security into our chipsets, firmware, and apps. Our end-to-end security arc provides you with coverage at every stage, even including Machine Learning models running on mobile devices.

  • Device bootup
  • Secure certificates
  • DualDAR encryption
  • ML model protection


Our devices lead the way in validating users and devices.

  • Biometrics with fingerprints, irises, and facial recognition
  • Enterprise Active Directory credentials integration
  • Secure certificate management
  • Forced two-factor authentication


We pioneered OS updates for Enterprise Android devices, and support both basic and more flexible device management options.

  • Deploy devices for strict standards like Common Criteria
  • Set more granular device and app policies
  • Peripheral management capabilities fit for frontline*
* May vary by peripheral providers


The Knox SDK extends basic VPN setup with advanced VPN options.

  • On-demand VPN
  • HTTP proxy over VPN
  • VPN chaining
  • Instant VPN connection times


Restrict installed apps, disable bloatware, configure Android settings, and customize system settings.

  • ProKiosk mode
  • Booting animation and wallpaper customization
  • Device key remapping

See how Knox SDK leverages the Knox platform on Samsung devices.

Read Knox Dev Documentation

Optimized for Android and Tizen

For phones and tablets

Knox SDK (Android)
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For watches

Knox SDK for Wearables (Tizen)
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Who it is for

For UEM providers

Add heavyweight Knox features to your UEM that give your customers more control over Samsung devices.

See use caseTechnical Documentation
For UEM providers

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